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Chiara Pussetti (PhD in Cultural Anthropology, University of Turin, Italy, 2003) has lectured at graduate and post-graduate levels in Italy, Portugal, and Brazil. She has published extensively in the subjects of Anthropology of Body and Emotions, Medical Anthropology, and Migration Studies. She has conducted extensive fieldwork on body and emotions, health, poverty, risk and security in Guinea Bissau, Portugal, Brazil. She is currently reflecting on ethnography as a possible ground for art production. Her work, as anthropologist, artist and curator undermines the conventional categorical distinction between ethnography and art, causing interferences in the established circuits of academia and in those of contemporary art. She is presently member of Board of Directors of the EBANOCollective and Associate Researcher of the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon.


Vitor Barros has been studying at a graduate (Lisbon) and post-graduate (London) level in Sociology and History. He conducted research, published and managed projects in the fields of Migrations, Health, Cultural Heritage and Public Art. A believer in the role of digital platforms for science communication, he founded and collaborated with different projects such as Politika (2000-2005) and the Lisbon Institute for Scientific Development (2005-2010), as well as several digital magazines. Unlike most photographers, who have beautiful stories about their early beginnings related to analog cameras from their grandparents, Vitor started grabbing the camera simply because he couldn't stand being in front of one. In spite the inauspicious start, he is now an award-winning photographer and cinematographer. Vitor is a founding member of EBANOCollective.


Francesca De Luca is an unorthodox anthropologist, currently living in Portugal and researching how the pangs of birth have affected and affect the constitution of maternal bodies, obstetrics and the city in Lisbon. She has collaborated with artist Heléna Elias in the site-specific project Atlas: MATRIX, exploring the intertwinement of maternal bodies, plastic arts and the colonial matrix in the Tropical Garden of Lisbon (July 2017). Prior to her Portugal move, she was part of Cercle Collective in Italy, working on site-specific art interventions based on ethnographic researches in the south of Rome and organizing Rifrazioni Festival, a visual and performing arts residency and festival, collaborating with artists such as Tamar Raban (Israel), Collettivo Cinetico (Italy), LeibnizCollective (UK), mmmmm collective (UK), Gonzalo Rabanal (Chile), Edd Schouten (Netherlands), Roberto Sanchez (USA). Before her hijacking in the performing and visual arts, her interest and work in anthropology has focused on psychiatry and the medicalization of undocumented immigrants both in Italy and Canada. She has studied anthropology in Rome, Montreal and Lisbon. She also really enjoyed her year-long fieldwork in Irish pubs of Westmeath County, in Ireland. She is a member of EBANOCollective, pursuing methodological experimentations and collaborations in ethnographic-based artistic practice.