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As partner of the project PASS THE MIC!,  CENTRALE FIES  hosted a three-days festival with the aimed at showcasing the activities carried out by the artists in residency in Italy, Portugal and Greece, sharing knowledge with the public through exhibitions, debates and performances.


The installations, video and artworks exhibited showed visions and materials produced both by students and artists. Centrale Fies is the place where generations of artists, curators, professionals and international researchers have found space, material and intellectual resources that have allowed them to research and experiment in complete freedom, to professionalise, to reach quality levels and important awards, thus becoming points of reference in contemporary, national and international art performances.


Over forty years of activity, Centrale Fies has been among the first entities in Italy to regenerate an industrial site for artistic and cultural purposes and to confidently open cutting-edge research to the public. 

Pass the Mic! Centrale Fies -Rita Natalio.png
Pass the Mic! Centrale Fies - Helena Elias
Pass the Mic! Centrale Fies -Alesa Herero.png
Pass the Mic! Delio Djasse
Alesa Herero_01.png
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